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How to Invest When You Hate Investing

I recently reallocated my retirement investments. This was my first major rebalancing in nearly a decade, and I thought it would be interesting to write up a guide to how I think about investing, which has been strongly influenced by … Continue reading

08. April 2013 by Niels
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WiFi SSID advertising

Check out the screenshot below. Someone came up with the idea of putting ads in unsecured 802.11 network names. From a marketing standpoint, I doubt this will actually result in any sales, but it’s a cute example of a low-cost … Continue reading

25. August 2007 by Niels
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Finding a niche market

The Thirty Day Challenge has begun with a focus on finding a market first. Find a niche market, be the only product in there, make money. Most budding entrepreneurs do it the other way around – come up with a … Continue reading

04. August 2007 by Niels
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August is going to be crazy

August will be a month of change. I’m going to be on the road almost non-stop. My parents will be visiting me here in Seattle until I take off for London. I’ll be leading a workshop in London, followed by … Continue reading

03. August 2007 by Niels
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My new career begins

I spent Thursday moving from the unemployed end of the spectrum to the self-employed end. Or at least slightly closer to it. Craig and I began by brainstorming our past talents, interests, hobbies, and careers. A sample: Guitar, magic, running, … Continue reading

29. July 2007 by Niels
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