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Time flies when you’re having fun

Haven’t posted here in a while, but life has been busy! I ended up leaving Playdom a little while after the Disney acquisition to join Pocket Gems, where I’m still having fun in the fast-paced world of mobile gaming. Getting … Continue reading

04. March 2013 by Niels
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I’m working for Disney now!

It’s official – Disney is acquiring Playdom! Actually, it’s been official for a few days now, I’m a little behind the times. And as official Disney cast members, we all get free passes to Disneyworld. Sweet! I’m still waiting to … Continue reading

03. August 2010 by Niels
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Happy summer, I’m back!

Wow, it’s been over three months since my last post. How embarrassing. I’ve been busy. In the beginning of April, I decided I wanted to start exploring applications for the iPhone. So I taught myself Objective C. And then the … Continue reading

08. August 2009 by Niels
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Six years after graduation, I get a job

Last Wednesday, nearly six years after graduating from Rice, I signed the paperwork for my very first full-time employee position. It’s been a good run, with a solid mix of grad school, self-employment, unemployment, and contracting positions, but with the … Continue reading

29. March 2009 by Niels
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Baconfest and neuroplasticity

1. Baconfest 2009 was spectacular and bacon ice cream is delicious. God bless the Vita-Mix. 2. Reading an interesting book on neuroplasticity. Craig points out this means I may be able to cure my own faceblindness. More on this soon…

28. February 2009 by Niels
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