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How to Cook When You Hate Cooking

A medium-rare steak is 135 degrees in the center. For thousands of years, the best way to accomplish this was to put the steak on a really hot grill and attempt to pull it off at just the right time. … Continue reading

29. April 2013 by Niels
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How to Invest When You Hate Investing

I recently reallocated my retirement investments. This was my first major rebalancing in nearly a decade, and I thought it would be interesting to write up a guide to how I think about investing, which has been strongly influenced by … Continue reading

08. April 2013 by Niels
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How to make a delicious five-a-day fruit and vegetable smoothie

Struggling to get your daily vegetables? Get 8 servings in a tasty berry smoothie! Most people are familiar with the “5-a-day” campaign, encouraging people to eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Most people fall far short of … Continue reading

11. March 2008 by Niels
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Dorodango: Make a shiny ball of mud

You can take a ball of mud and polish it until it has the sheen of marble. These are utterly amazing. Who knew?

05. October 2007 by Niels
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Positively delightful

One of the most powerful tips for self-improvement is also one of the simplest. Be positive. Learn to relate to the world in a positive light. “This heatwave is great! It’s given me a whole new appreciation for ice cream!” … Continue reading

21. September 2007 by Niels
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