Time flies when you’re having fun

Haven’t posted here in a while, but life has been busy! I ended up leaving Playdom a little while after the Disney acquisition to join Pocket Gems, where I’m still having fun in the fast-paced world of mobile gaming. Getting rid of the daily commute to the South Bay has been pretty great, too. I even found time to get married, which has also been a fun adventure.

The future looks bright, more posts coming soon…

04. March 2013 by Niels
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  1. Woah, I haven’t been on your blog since the Beauty and the Geek days but today it just popped in my head! AND ALAS you updated it! I was just thinking about how much I loved you on the show. Congrats on your career and married life! Thanks for the update!

    a fan from the East Bay

  2. You still train? I remember you as Bunyip lol

  3. I stil train on and off (mostly off these days). Hoping to start back up again in about two weeks…

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