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Niels Hoven

I’m working for Disney now!

It’s official – Disney is acquiring Playdom! Actually, it’s been official for a few days now, I’m a little behind the times.

And as official Disney cast members, we all get free passes to Disneyworld. Sweet! I’m still waiting to find out if they’re valid in Disney Tokyo or Eurodisney (does that even exist anymore?)

I’m hoping that as we move out of “crazy startup” mode into “part of an actual company” mode, I might actually have some time to start posting here again. We’ll see.

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  • jessica

    Yes Eurodisney still exists! lol

    Aawww i just downloaded TBTG, loved u on the show!

    I wish i’d be in the states now too so i can run into you hehe <3

    Well anyways greetings from Mongolia! And you seriously made my whole week, just watching you on the show!

    Lots of Love,
    Cheers Jess <3

  • theresa

    here’s the story:

    today i was on the Bart and as soon as I saw a certain face, I knew I recognized it. I had a vague feeling I knew the face from TV, possibly Beauty and the Geek. I was really tempted to walk over and just ask, but I didn’t. It was bothering me and I had to know. So after searching online I found the name Niels Hoven and now this blog. And for my humble sanity, I have to know…did I see you today? Or a look-alike? Ha, I hope this isn’t creepy. Email me back, pretty please?

  • ed Kary

    you are the cutest geek on earth I can’t stop watching you on VH-1 … I think you should be a super model. I wish you all the best in life and I hope you make it far in the biz … you so deserve it !!!

  • She

    Wow, just watched beauty and the geek and i had to search you. You were gorgeous even before the make over! :O And being smart just makes it better. I hope you have found love with a good person. You are awesomee.

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