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Niels Hoven

Six years after graduation, I get a job

Last Wednesday, nearly six years after graduating from Rice, I signed the paperwork for my very first full-time employee position. It’s been a good run, with a solid mix of grad school, self-employment, unemployment, and contracting positions, but with the economy going to hell in a handbasket, I feel like now is a good time to be gainfully employed.

I’m now the Analytics and Search Manager at Tableau Software, where I’ve been working as a full-time contractor for a while now. My work focuses mainly on driving lead generation through the website – testing and optimizing the website experience, as well as increasing traffic through search engine optimization. I’m excited about a few of the projects I have on the horizon, though it’s frustrating that I can’t be as open about my work as I was when I was just working for myself.

In other news, though, I’m thrilled to have great health insurance again, for the first time since leaving graduate school, which means that it’s time to start looking around for a Brazilian jiu jitsu gym again…

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  • mack

    be happy man
    finally u got the job thats the way of life
    u can not get anything before time
    and another thing is that everything is come in our life at real time

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