The Vita-Mix is here

Craig and I have burned through two and a half blenders in the past six months. And so we decided it was time to upgrade to the Vita-Mix blender. Equipped with a 2 horsepower motor, the Vita-Mix is essentially a garbage disposal inside a jug. The blades spin so fast you can put in cold ingredients and turn them into hot soup. Their main competitor, Blendtec, has a series of commercials in which they blend hockey pucks, cans of food (with the can), and even the new iPhone 3G.

I now own a blender that costs more than my car. What a glorious day.


23. August 2008 by Niels
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  1. whoaaa!!!!

  2. whoaaa!!!!
    i hope you try and ride your blender to work and lose a limb or two.

  3. well that’s not very nice

  4. Ha!

    You joined the Vitamix club. You will not be disappointed. We are like a delirious, drugged cult. Soon you will meet other Vitamix owners and share an eleated, high-pitched rapid-fire conversation about how much you love your “blender”. It will hold a revered spot on your counter.

    You will be forever changed.

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