Jiffy Lube screwed me over!

Jiffy Lube cut my brakes. Well, maybe they didn’t cut them, but all I know is that my brakes worked when I arrived at Jiffy Lube, but when I tried to leave the brake pedal sunk all the way to the floor and my brake warning light on the dashboard (didn’t even know that existed!) was on.

When I brought this to the attention of the Jiffy Lube employees, they said, “Yeah, see, we noted here that your brake fluid was low. You should probably have that filled up.” My brake fluid wasn’t just low, it was practically empty.

The funny part is that Jiffy Lube doesn’t refill brake fluid. So they didn’t drain my brake fluid to try to make money; someone was just incompetent.

Today I drove my car to the mechanic. The brakes were so bad that I couldn’t even stop on my hill so Craig drove in front of me to keep me from rolling into traffic if my parking brake also failed.

The one good thing is that I happened to have a full diagnostic done on my car about three days ago, in which the shop owner himself did the inspection and noted that the fluid level was ok and there were no leaks in the brake line. So as soon as they figure out what Jiffy Lube did to my brakes I should be able to take the evidence and file a complaint.

Maybe I’ll even get another totaled car out of this, who knows?

16. October 2007 by Niels
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  1. Haven’t you ever seen the special reports where these bored news stations bring cars to Jiffy Lubes (after bringing them to someplace competent) to see what kinds of stuff they can break/lie about? Stay away! Spend the extra buck, go somewhere trustworthy!

  2. I went to jiffy lube for what seemed like a great deal buy 1 oil change and get one free, cool I paid the regular price and 6 weeks later got an oil change through the mail. I went to the Jiffy lube in Wichita KS and they told me I need a transmission flush as I had never had one and held a clip board with $25.00 or so written on it showing it to me. I am not a mechanic and looked at the price and thought sure I will get it done its only $25.00. When I went back they charged me $128.00 I asked why they showed me the clipboard with $25.00 they said that it was for a different customer and laughed at me saying “you think that its only $25.00 for a transmission flush??” It was classic bait and switch. My wife later that day went to another Jiffy lube in Wichita and guess what they told her that she needed the same thing but this time I had already talked to her about this scam. The best thing is that she had had her transmission flushed the month before!! THEY HAVE NO SCRUPLES DO NOT USE THEM LET THEM ROT!!! TELL ALL YOU KNOW



  3. That blows. Threaten them with a Better Business Bureau complaint (and actually do it)…that seems to get most company’s attention

  4. I’ve been screwed over on an oil change… it was so blatantly obvious that they hadn’t done the job at the time because as soon as they “finished” I started my car back up and the oil light was still on. Tell me, why does Jiffy Lube still exist?

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