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Having spent the past three days doing Beauty and the Geek publicity in Los Angeles with Jennylee, I had the opportunity to hear her answer one question over and over again. “Jennylee, are you and Nate still together?” And from the comments on the blog, it appears as though people here want to know, too.

So for those of you who missed the evening news, the morning news, Fox Reality Remix, and at least 10-15 different reality TV fansites, I guess I can clear it up. Jennylee has said that, as Nate is at Harvard and she is in LA, it just wasn’t possible to maintain a romantic relationship. But she and Nate are still close friends, they talk on the phone all the time, and they agree that it’s really really weird to see such personal moments broadcast nationally.

11. February 2007 by Niels
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  1. hi neils I’m your big fan….I really wanted to see you….

  2. hi neils, so where are you now? hope I could see you again on tv..

  3. i hated ceci for pissing u off.. she’s so materialistic.. it doesn’t make any sense.. she may be beautiful outside, but on d inside she’s beyond disgusting.. she’s a type that will not find true happiness in life and soon she will receive negative karmas because of her attitude.. don’t woryy niels.. you’ll have better future than her..

  4. hi! i’m from the philippines and i’m currently watching the show on cable…i really liked the pairing between jennylee and nate, too bad that it didn’t work out as of now…

    btw, your transformation was awesome! =) i hope you keep it up! i am also an engineering student (graduating hopefully) and i think that this line of career is not for me too, lol.

    dude I love you haha. you were my favorite of all <3
    stay nerdy, nerds are awesome (I am a nerd)

  6. hey niels!

    i think you’re really cute :)
    your transformation was great and kudos to you :)
    Good luck

  7. hey guys i was just wondering if somebody here knows what was the song played in the background when nate and jenny were kissing? thanks!

  8. jennylee and nate are clearly meant to be soul mates forever. how can they not see this? if they think it is so weird to see it broadcasted across national television then i guess that their love for one another is not as deep as they first mislead the public to believe. we are HUGE fans and we are so distraught to find out that they only have a few measly phone calls every once and a while instead of the firm relationship that we had envisioned for them. they would make beautiful children. any responses???????????????

  9. It kind of sucks that they are no longer together but it is cool that they are still friends ..kind of has hope for their future….I have a serious question for ya Niels….how many people wanted to slap cecile and why didn’t they?…..I mean I would pay to see that

  10. so wait jennylee and nate aren’t together YET?? hasnt he graduated by now and WHY doesnt he move to where she is… =( they should be together!! and Tsani I totally agree – WHY did no one slap her at some point in the show??!

  11. hiii nielsss.. i’m from angola and i just wanted to say dat i loved the program… and i really want that jenny and nate get back together, but it’s not up to me…
    all the best niels

  12. Hey Niels,

    Only just watched S3 of BATG, awesome. You remind me a lot of a good friend of mine, maybe I should try and get him on the UK version ^__^

    Oh, and Nate & Jennylee definitely belong with each other.

    Take it easy,

  13. Nate is gay. Really, he honestly is.

    And all Jennylee really wants is a pretty boy with lots of money.

    Honest truth.

  14. So Jennylee is an actress, that would explain it. While watching her and Nate together on the show she gave the impression, by her demeanour, of being in love with him. If she was faking it then she is a superb actor. If she was not faking it and was truly in love with Nate, and dumped him, then she is just another dumb blonde.

  15. Now Im seeing beauty ans the nerd on the dutch television and its fine to know they are friends!
    Jennylee <3 Nate
    It was so cutee.

    Sorry! But my English not really good… that’s because i am a dutch girl…

  16. Saw this version of the show a few years ago on dutch television and also loved the romance between them. So happy to see this rerun of the show and see the love bloom all over again.
    Nice to know their still friends, I wish them all the best!

  17. Zoo zielug dat jennylee r volgundu week uit moet en dat zu nate zo moet gaan missun egt erg voor nate en natuurleik jennylee

    Sorry that was in dutch xd

  18. Mieke ^^
    Are you dutch?

  19. @Sabine.r: Jup

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