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Niels Hoven

Nate and Jennylee update

Having spent the past three days doing Beauty and the Geek publicity in Los Angeles with Jennylee, I had the opportunity to hear her answer one question over and over again. “Jennylee, are you and Nate still together?” And from the comments on the blog, it appears as though people here want to know, too.

So for those of you who missed the evening news, the morning news, Fox Reality Remix, and at least 10-15 different reality TV fansites, I guess I can clear it up. Jennylee has said that, as Nate is at Harvard and she is in LA, it just wasn’t possible to maintain a romantic relationship. But she and Nate are still close friends, they talk on the phone all the time, and they agree that it’s really really weird to see such personal moments broadcast nationally.

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  • n_suttie

    So are Jennylee and Nate still together? :-D

  • Isi

    Niels? PLEASE tell me…will there be a television reunion show of any sorts?

  • Niels Fan

    Is there anyway I can see the interviews? Maybe on youtube?

  • I cannot imagine how tired you guys must be from all the repetative questions!

  • Christie

    I think they will get back together eventually.
    Now I feel really stupid for telling Nate I wish them luck >_

  • I feel bad for them. I guess if it was meant to be they’ll get back together.

  • Danielle B.

    Thanks for posting because I was wondering that and I actually got the news from here, lol.

  • kay

    is this really Niel.
    sorry that this comment has really nothing to do with the post.

  • Cathy :]

    Hey Niels :]
    I don’t believe it
    Anywho, I like you better than Jennylee
    I didn’t like her even in the beginning :P

  • Been There

    What a load of crap. I figure she was just camera whoring, knowing that a “relationship” would get her more face time.

    I met my husband while visiting a foreign country (USA). We long distanced it for 7 months, then I moved here. If it’s right, it’s right. Not wanting to put the time, effort, or sacrifice into a long distance relationship (Especially considering school isn’t forever!) is very telling

  • I don’t know whose decision that was, but from what I picked up from Nate, he’s not exactly the type to pass something like that up. He made several comments in the confessional leaning towards the fact it would be J-Lee’s call, not to mention his entire behavior over the course of taping the show.

    No worries. If she’s too blind and passes up what could be a quality relationship, Nate’s got close to 4k and counting girls that would die for a chance to jump his bones.

    Keep in mind, we’re merely the public though, and really have no insight into their true feelings and relationship besides what the CW and others want to feed us in the editing process. This could all be complete fubar, but we’d never be the wiser.

    And another thing: Yeah, I’m sure it is frightfully weird to see something so personal displayed for an entire nation’s viewing pleasure, but that is the price you pay for fame and being on a reality show in the first place. If I personally had such a strong emotional connect with another individual that I met under such circumstances, I would want to tell the whole world about our relationship. Camera or no camera, feelings don’t change, and all parties involved just have to deal with it and move on with their lives.

  • urcute

    ur cute

  • I can understand them not being together because of their location. It makes me really happy that they are staying friends though. I hope all of you stay friends. Most of you had a chemistry together that made the show so additing to watch.

  • I got to say Nate looked better with his long hair! althoug he still looks good I think he looked better before

  • arielle

    i think jennylee was just leading poor nate on so she could get the romantic’ness’ that is most likely going to happen in any reality show, and thus more minutes focused on her. she is a lameass bitch. :)

  • Rod

    Niels…hook me up with Jenny Lee! hahhahah

  • haley

    it sucks that there nt together anymore. I kinda liked JennyLee and Nate although at first i wanted u and JennyLee to hook up, bt it all worked out. I hope Nate gets back with her. hey…….. Neils u think we could hook up . by the way im a nred tooo!!!!>ur mad cute

  • Suse

    Hey! So what happens to Scooter and Megan?!?!??!?! Seemed like that hey got along very well. Are they just friends or more????

  • Fred

    Was JennyLee paid bonus to “cozy up” to Nate? Didn’t a similar thing happen in the last Beauty & the Geek between Cher and Wes?

  • chad

    for some reason i think you should be with nadia. It seems like you two would fit well together.

  • No, JennyLee wasn’t paid to “cozy up” to Nate. And Cher and Wes dated for almost a year after their season wrapped, so I would be very very surprised to hear that any money was involved.

  • Vince

    Hey Niels,
    Just got done watching the BATG marathon. I watched the very first season and havent seen any others until i “bumped” into this one.

    First of all, I think you standing your ground on your elimination decision was good for you AND Jennylee. Its always good to learn that you cant always have your way just cuz your gorgeous.

    Second, its great that your new found confidence is paying off in both your social and enterprising endeavors. I was a nerd, not so much a geek in H.S. and when I came back from college, all of a sudden the same girls that shunned me were all of a sudden attracted to me…and I didnt change a bit. Goes to show how much an increase in self esteem projects to other people.

    And finally, when you see Jennylee, do all of us a favor. Just tell her how much ALL of us out here want her to keep that space in her heart open for Nate. Sure Im married now, but very similar situations happened to me in my life that happened to Nate with Jennylee. In high school, a girl friend of a friend of mine who was: student body president, band leader, homecoming queen and soooo cute actually let it slip that she wanted to go out with me. I was like Nate; “me?”. I was so surprised and in awe too. Why would such a hottie want me? And the answer was the same Jennylee gave. A great personality, great sense of humor and someone she knew she could trust and make her feel safe. Im glad to say the same thing happened to me later in life and now Im married to a hottie that caught me by surprise too. Just tell Jennylee this: Listen to her heart. There are LOTS of guys out there in L.A. and Vegas who will make her intellect feel good, but women are rarely wrong when it comes to the “vibes” she feels for someone. Do the guys in L.A. make her giddy as much as Nate after all this time? Sure Frankie has $$, but does he give you those vibes? Tell Jennylee fame is fleeting, fortune is fleeting, beauty is fleeting, but to be with the one you’re destined to be with, is an incredibly beautiful and lasting love. Tell Jennylee to listen to her hero her mom about what will make her ultimately happy, and listen to her grandmother for the same lessons of life. Hell, if Rob and Amber can do it, they can too. Joking. As a hopeless romantic that many of us nerds, dorks and geeks are, it would sure be a wonderful fairy tale Hollywood ending.

  • Jill

    Aw… I’m so sad, I was really hoping it would work out for them. I’m a huge Nate/Jennylee fan! I agree with Christie, I think it was meant to be and they’ll get back together eventually.

  • cronky

    They were so cute in the show. I just watched the “Behind the Scenes” thingy, and they seemed really happy to see each other again. I think they WILL get back together. Maybe she’ll join Harvard…;)jks…

  • Mathew

    if this show were real, and they actually cared about eachother, they’d make an effort.

  • steve

    To watch all the episodes of beauty and the geek season 3 in great quality video go to:


    and relive all the quest between Nate and jennylee to become more than just the beauty and the geek

  • Anonymous

    Shes dating Frankie Muniz now

  • Callie

    What? Isn’t Frankie Muniz like 20 or something?!

  • FusionOrchid

    Hey Neil!!!

    I LOVE YOUR T-SHIRT!!!! the one that says “white people can’t read this”. by the way, did you know that it said that??? Because when i first saw you, you looked pretty chinese to me, and also, i can’t really tell ethnic backgrounds too well. No offence to anyone.

  • batg3rox

    is it going to be possible ever that theyll be together?

  • Anonymous


    Article on Nate after the show

  • poundy

    I really don’t like jewish people.

  • Cher

    Jenny Lee doesn’t deserve Nate.

  • My Name Is Jenny-lee!!

  • Jennylee

    I don’t get to watch much tv but just out of curiosity typed my name in google, Jennylee. It came up with this. I am sure if I looked like this my hubby would enjoy his trophy wife LOL.


  • azhar(from singapore)

    so are jenny lee and nate a couple? i hope they’re not. lol. its best if u and her are 1 together.

  • Minttu

    hello, i’m from finland and just watched Beauty & Geek season 3 and I was so excited about the “relationship” between Jennylee and Nate.
    I was SHOCKED to hear that Jennylee is dating frankie muniz.. OMG.
    So i really hope now that Nate finds somebody who’s for real. :)

  • sarah

    if jennylee is dating frankie muniz now then she is a FRICKIN BITCH THAT SHOULD REALLY JUST DIE.
    peace and love! :)

  • SK(Singapore)

    OMG, Her and Frankie Muniz, My Gosh, Love is really blind.
    Wish them all the best.
    And I can’t wait for next season man!

  • wtf

    not jenny lee
    its jamie
    frankie’s engaged to jamie
    wtf man!

  • Arzli

    Niels, If you could, For the hope of all geeks or normal people out there, Talk some sense into Jennylee. Her being together with Nate brings a lot of hope for a lot of people. I was so glad they were so happy with each other. When i heard that they’re not going to stay together, i just feel broken inside.

  • SK(Singapore)

    well that’s life man
    girls are that materialistic
    they go for everything else except the heart
    well i was kinda happy that they found each other
    and yes we all feel sad they don’t gt together
    but that’s that
    face it
    if they don’t like each other
    then its said and done
    end of story
    some day they;’ll realise
    what she’s been missing
    and then it will be too lateee

  • Arzli

    But don’t you see? Dont you see? im sad because they are not together when they’re so good together AND im sad because it must have been a devastating blow for Nate. Ok sure he was skeptical at first about her liking him, but after that he was into it head on, like he said he leapt into it. For such a big hearted guy like him, to have his heart somewhat broken like that, people like you and me from singapore can hear it shatter. Jennylee may have done it for reasons she thought was good at that time. But if they end up together, forever, it would really bring me hope. As it did when they united in the show. Ah but you’re telling me i need to face reality blah blah. I shall, but im just torn up right now, for Nate.

  • SK(Singapore)

    He’ll meet someone better
    as the saying goes
    they’re plenty of fishes in the sea
    and i mean PLENTY!
    we all feel sad
    i mean i did
    after i watched the show
    i was like
    fuck man why she so stupid and don’t want to be with nate
    ya la
    my heart a bit tia la for nate
    they say that they too far
    one in harvard one in LA
    very difficult to maintain
    aiya in singapore also same situation ma
    no fairy tale
    outside country also same sia
    damn cocked up one
    sometimes cannot get hopes up to high
    aiya maybe in the future they may get tgt
    when nate finish his degree
    i mean u never know
    eh now den u watch BATG ar?
    slow man
    hehe =D

  • Arzli

    Wah, i admit i’m singaporean then all your singlish come out la?
    Channel 5 stupid la now then show what, mondays at night. F**ked.
    But what you say is true. He just finished college and is going for a one year masters. Then 2 years of teaching i think. I hope i really hope they’ll get together. I dunno. Its sort of like, If they get together, then there’s hope for people like me.

    Btw how you watch so fast? i stayed up till 6 am finishing the season yesterday night online. Fell in love with Nate & Jennylee being together.

    PS : Niels i haven’t forgot about you! If you’re spreading love through dating then bless you! I’m a devout David DeAngelo reader too! Cheers!

  • SK(Singapore)

    of course need speak singlish
    national language
    as what PCK say
    my friend dl the season and i watch
    i think he got from torrent
    k la anything else u add me at [email protected].com

  • sturo sibat

    too bad they didn’t stay together. My hubs and I are a living, breathing representation of beauty and the geek working well.

  • mike

    NIELS. Please hook me up with Jennylee. She is a goddess. She is an amazing woman. My heart melts for her.

  • Season 3 just started here in the Philippines, so pardon my comment being somewhat obsolete.

    It’s nice to know that Jenny and Nate are still good friends. Considering that this post is already several months old, I just wish this is still true up to now. c”,)m

  • ella

    i really like niels, he’s a real person.. i admire his personality.. i watched batg because of him.. goodluck in your career.. =)

  • joey

    hi neils I’m your big fan….I really wanted to see you….

  • ella

    hi neils, so where are you now? hope I could see you again on tv..

  • ella

    i hated ceci for pissing u off.. she’s so materialistic.. it doesn’t make any sense.. she may be beautiful outside, but on d inside she’s beyond disgusting.. she’s a type that will not find true happiness in life and soon she will receive negative karmas because of her attitude.. don’t woryy niels.. you’ll have better future than her..

  • dee

    hi! i’m from the philippines and i’m currently watching the show on cable…i really liked the pairing between jennylee and nate, too bad that it didn’t work out as of now…

    btw, your transformation was awesome! =) i hope you keep it up! i am also an engineering student (graduating hopefully) and i think that this line of career is not for me too, lol.

    dude I love you haha. you were my favorite of all <3
    stay nerdy, nerds are awesome (I am a nerd)

  • monique

    hey niels!

    i think you’re really cute :)
    your transformation was great and kudos to you :)
    Good luck

  • John

    hey guys i was just wondering if somebody here knows what was the song played in the background when nate and jenny were kissing? thanks!

  • Carol

    jennylee and nate are clearly meant to be soul mates forever. how can they not see this? if they think it is so weird to see it broadcasted across national television then i guess that their love for one another is not as deep as they first mislead the public to believe. we are HUGE fans and we are so distraught to find out that they only have a few measly phone calls every once and a while instead of the firm relationship that we had envisioned for them. they would make beautiful children. any responses???????????????

  • Tsani

    It kind of sucks that they are no longer together but it is cool that they are still friends ..kind of has hope for their future….I have a serious question for ya Niels….how many people wanted to slap cecile and why didn’t they?…..I mean I would pay to see that

  • Madi

    so wait jennylee and nate aren’t together YET?? hasnt he graduated by now and WHY doesnt he move to where she is… =( they should be together!! and Tsani I totally agree – WHY did no one slap her at some point in the show??!

  • alice lopes

    hiii nielsss.. i’m from angola and i just wanted to say dat i loved the program… and i really want that jenny and nate get back together, but it’s not up to me…
    all the best niels

  • Makai

    Hey Niels,

    Only just watched S3 of BATG, awesome. You remind me a lot of a good friend of mine, maybe I should try and get him on the UK version ^__^

    Oh, and Nate & Jennylee definitely belong with each other.

    Take it easy,

  • Vexed

    Nate is gay. Really, he honestly is.

    And all Jennylee really wants is a pretty boy with lots of money.

    Honest truth.

  • So Jennylee is an actress, that would explain it. While watching her and Nate together on the show she gave the impression, by her demeanour, of being in love with him. If she was faking it then she is a superb actor. If she was not faking it and was truly in love with Nate, and dumped him, then she is just another dumb blonde.

  • sabine.r

    Now Im seeing beauty ans the nerd on the dutch television and its fine to know they are friends!
    Jennylee <3 Nate
    It was so cutee.

    Sorry! But my English not really good… that’s because i am a dutch girl…

  • Mieke

    Saw this version of the show a few years ago on dutch television and also loved the romance between them. So happy to see this rerun of the show and see the love bloom all over again.
    Nice to know their still friends, I wish them all the best!

  • sabine.r

    Zoo zielug dat jennylee r volgundu week uit moet en dat zu nate zo moet gaan missun egt erg voor nate en natuurleik jennylee

    Sorry that was in dutch xd

  • sabine.r

    Mieke ^^
    Are you dutch?

  • Mieke

    @Sabine.r: Jup

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